Joining Us

Redwordz does not offer traditional jobs, but seeks out like-minded individuals who excel in the particular creative, digital or marketing role in which they specialise. The quality of work that we deliver for our clients is totally dependent on the people in our collaborative community, so we place enormous focus on our membership recruitment. Our members are selected based on a past track record of successful work and recommendations from clients and members.

Members by referral only

It’s fair to say that the demands we place on members and the way we work as a connected-community are not for everyone. The majority of members are carefully selected from people whom existing members or clients have recommended. An application to join Redwordz then has to be endorsed by a second Redwordz member after a personal interview. Apart from demonstrating excellence in a particular area, candidates have to agree to abide by a simple set of our Rules and Business Conditions before membership is approved. And they must bring something to the table that Redwordz does not already have.