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Since you're here it's probably because you've been referred by one of our existing clients, business associates or personal friends. 

Since mid 2007 which coincided with the arrival of Apple's iPhone and the beginnings of a massive disruptive wave of apps we have seen the digital revolution accelerate rapidly. We've experienced its impact up close and personal in ways we might never expected a few years earlier. In recent years aside from digital strategy we have worn the hats of digital publishers, editors, layout designers, video producers, audiobook producers, writers, talent, authors, co-authors and ghostwriters. And that is among a myriad of other digital “professions” like creating pitch decks and business plans for startups and entrepreneurs focussed on the digital space. We work and collaborate with some very brilliant and creative minds across the globe and with people way smarter than us in all the right areas. 

If you have a thorny problem you can’t solve, or a huge opportunity you need some highly focused short-term advice on we can help. It's fair to say that a single call with me will create MIND-SHIFTING openings for your entire business along with specific opportunities for income, profits and satisfaction that will transform your world forever!



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“To win a customer’s money, you must first win their time.”

Marketing and selling can mean many things. But when refined to their basic parts, marketing and selling are simply the transference of confidence from one person to another.  

Successful Marketing focuses on building relationships and customers for life. The challenge in the digitally driven world today is all about creating intimacy between the customer and you.  In building relationship we exchange “currencies.” These currencies get put into an “intimacy bank.”

In your business you exchange four forms of currency:

1) Time
2) Information
3) Money
4) Energy

All successful relationships require both parties to be engaged and invested.
The biggest mistake most business owners and marketers make is pushing for the currency of money—pushing for the sale—while not understanding the value and use of the other three forms of currency.

if you want to win the trust, hearts and minds of your audience we can help.



It pays to take Moonshots

Most companies are really focused on how to create 10% improvements in their businesses – They ask: How do we reduce costs 10%? Increase profits 10%?

Astro Teller, Google's "Captain of Moonshots", often talks about how when you try to do 10% better, you are putting yourself in a smartness competition with everyone else in your industry (and everyone else in the world) and it's a competition you're unlikely to win.

Instead, Astro proposes what Google call's "Moonshot Thinking" where you try to go 10x bigger (10x cheaper, 10x faster, 10x cooler) etc.

Why try for 10x versus 10%?

  • When you shoot for 10x improvement you approach the problem in a radically different fashion.
  • When you attack a problem as though it were solvable, even if you don't know how to solve it, you’ll be shocked with what you come up with.
  • 10X vs 10% improvement is 100 times more worth it… but, it’s never 100 times harder.
  • Finally, having a moonshot, focuses and motivates your team, attracts the best talent in the world, and critically allows you to solve interim problems and create interim products/services along the way.

Whatever the size of the company you run,we can help you create a sense of urgency around innovation and add new capabilities to spur innovation.

In the world today, the only constant is change and the rate of change is increasing.

You either disrupt yourself, or someone else will.


Let’s work together

Together anything is possible.

Here is how we can help:

  • Help you get clarity about what is most important to you.
  • We’ll look at what IS working, and what is NOT working currently.
  • And then figure out what resources and/or systems your need to create that win!
  • Once all the above is in place, then we can set up regular calls to make sure your on track.
  • We’ll continue to tweak as needed as every person is different. There are no out of the box solutions.

So let’s get you going! When would now be a good time to start!

We believe in curating successful business partnerships & culture and want to make sure We work with high quality individuals, entrepreneurs & businesses who have a bigger vision, mission and purpose - as well as common interests and passions.  If you do begin an engagement with us, then one of our team will immediately start digging deep into your business and learn everything we can about you, your mission & your business goals. If this sounds interesting, contact us for a confidential discussion.


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